Jeff McMahan

Detroit-area web/software engineer
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Graduate Fellow in Linguistics, 2011-2013
The University of Maryland, College Park
PhD not completed

Bachelor of Arts, 2010
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
High Honors in Linguistics
Winner of the 2010 Haller Prize in Philosophy

Current projects

In-Person Lead Generation App & Infrastructure

Progressive web app and administration console for use by canvassers and representatives at festivals and trade shows.

CRM Integrations

Programmatic validation and insertion of new lead data into an existing CRM stack, while preventing data duplication and other errors.

iOS CRM Client App

Calculates prices for dozens of products in thousands of configurations from an intuitive touch interface on iPad. Version 1 deployed mid-2015; version 2 deployed mid-2017; version 3 in active development.

Media Manager, API & Client App

An advanced web-based media manager combined with a client iOS app for quickly finding and displaying photos, galleries, videos, and PDFs. Version 2 deployed in late 2017.

Product Customizer

Implements realistic physics in the browser, using the canvas API, to allow users to mix and match and create custom products for purchase.

Core Competencies

  • Advanced JavaScript

    Frontend: progressive web apps and advanced data visualization; extensive experience with React, D3.js, and Angular

    Backend: web services, sites, and CLI tools; extensive experience with Node.js, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, pg (PostgreSQL), tedious (TDS), and more.

    iOS: hybrid applications

  • Swift & Xcode

    iOS: native apps of all kinds

  • Python

    General: APIs, web services, and other tools to support websites, web apps, and mobile apps; experience with Flask.

  • PHP

    General: APIs, web services, and other tools to support websites, web apps, and mobile apps

    WordPress: advanced custom plugins, and custom themes

  • SQL & Database Technologies

    Relational: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and WebSQL

    NoSQL: MongoDB, IndexedDB

    Other: Redis

  • Unix/Linux Shell

    Creation of custom build tools and process administration tools that make it easier to develop, deploy, and maintain complex projects

  • Cloud Computing

    Setup and management of cloud-based linux instances, cloud database solutions, cloud-internal DNS routing, and email

  • LaTeX & XeLaTeX

    Advanced programmatic creation of PDF documents with publisher-quality layout and typography

Other Competencies

Adobe Creative Suite
Written English

Recent projects

Sales Floor Manager

Manages sales floor operations for teams of commission retail salespeople. Deployed early 2016.

Search Engine

Allows customers to search 30,000 products and get high quality instant results and smart suggestions and query completion.

Mobile App Auto-Updater

A tool for building Cordova/PhoneGap “wrapper” apps that download remotely hosted HTML5 apps and run them (in an offline-first way), to allow truly painless updates.

Cloud Simulator

Allows developers to create multiple local simulated cloud environments on Mac OSX, for development and testing.

Scholarly HTML

A fast HTML transpiler with special semantics for certain elements, providing linked citations and bibliogrpahies, linked and numbered endnotes, and linked and numbered figures and captions.